About Us


Setupmyservices.com was started to satisfy a common issue in the marketplace. Everyone who moves needs to set up utilities at their home and with so many choices for service providers in your area, who do you choose? Inevitably people waste time searching for available options, calling numerous providers and sitting on hold for hours. In addition to wasting time comparing and setting up utilities, subsequently most movers ended up making uninformed purchase decisions and overpaying for their utilities because of convenience and poor time management. Our goal is to save people time and money in the process of setting up utilities by giving people access to information and presenting our research in a friendly, customer focused approach!



Setupmyservices.com changes the entire process of setting up utilities and home services. Instead of searching numerous websites, sifting through each company’s marketing tactics, and comparing confusing plans, Setupmyservices.com does all the work for you! We research your address and discover all the best options available to you for Internet, Gas, Electricity, Home Security, Cable TV, Garbage, and Water. After we research your options we reduce the clutter of the plans and allow you to filter your options by your preferences and needs. We present our research directly to you so you can easily understand your options, make informed purchase decisions and actually get the plans that makes the most sense based for your needs.



We make it possible to compare and connect all your utilities on one site. Regularly movers normally overpay for services and get stuck in unwanted plans. Some movers prefer to view and connect their utilities all-online and some prefer to speak directly with a person to better understand their options. By calling providers directly, movers risk the chance of waiting on hold and being “upsold” on their plans and products. At Setupmyservices.com we are an unbiased resource and focus on giving you as many options as possible. Whether you prefer doing everything online or you prefer speaking to someone over the phone, you will never risk getting upsold on your services or confused about what you are getting. Our team of advisors exists to further simplify the process of setting up utilities by offering unbiased information, advice, and expertise to bring you understanding. We study and connect utilities all day, every day; we are experts and want to help you become experts too.

Our wide range of relationships with utility service providers allows our team to always get the very best deals for our customers. Our Advisors are available via phone, email, chat or text to bring you clarity and peace of mind whenever you need it. Our team will always advocate for you to get you the utilities that you want, when you want them. Our team is on your side. We are committed to you.



We offer you ability to complete your selection and connection process entirely in one place. You never have to bounce around to different sites or wait on hold with various providers. Our technology pulls prices and plans directly from providers, guaranteeing accurate data without hidden fees or marketing ploys. We bring all your options to you in one place so you can spend your time making smart purchase decisions and less time trying to discover what your options are. Nowhere else can you sign up for all your utilities completely online or set up all your services in one phone call. At Setupmyservices.com you can fill out your information one time instead of seven times. We are your one-stop shop for all your utility needs. We are always on your team and will always fight to get you the service dates you desire and plans that you will benefit from. We are a free, user friendly service, saving people time and money in the most efficient way possible.